The Scottish Rum Awards has launched and as rum producers prepare to submit their entries later in the year, here is a run down on the categories, criteria and guidelines for those entering the competition.


It’s not Gin, It’s Rum.

Brought to you by KDMedia, the company behind the hugely successful Scottish Gin Awards, the Scottish Rum Awards has been created following several requests for a new taste competition for the booming Scottish rum category.   The Scottish Rum Awards will be presented live on the night of the Scottish Gin Awards as part of a feature presentation when approximately 8 awards will be handed out.


Which Awards Are Up For Grabs?

The Scottish Rum Awards will present taste awards in two sections, International Blended Rum and Scottish Distilled Rum.    International Blended Rum is for any rum made elsewhere in the world but which has been blended and bottled in Scotland.   Scottish Distilled Rum is for rum which has been created from scratch in Scotland.  There will be several categories created prior to tasting and KDMedia hope to be able to present awards for Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, Aged Rum and White Rum.


How will be competition be assessed?

There will be a blind tasting conducted by a panel of industry experts and rum afficionados.   They won’t know what product they are tasting but will be served samples which will be marked on flavour, aroma and appearance.   All bottles and packaging will be hidden from view.


How do they decide the winners?

The winning rum in the blind tasting will be the liquid which scores the highest in the category across the whole judging panel.   Only one gold medal will be presented to the top scoring rum in each category - unlike other competitions when everyone seems to win.  The results are compiled by KDMedia and are independently audited by sensory experts and the chair of the judging panel.


When do we find out who has won?

The Scottish Rum Awards and the Scottish Gin Awards will be presented on the same night – Wednesday 30 October 2024 at the Hilton Doubletree Glasgow.   The event is a huge celebration for the distilling sector and with a number of rum producers in attendance is expected to be very busy so book early. 


How much does it cost?

A one off, non-refundable registration fee of £82 per company and that allows you to enter as much rum as you wish. 


How do I enter?

Register as a user on the website and upload your entry before the deadline.   Include as much info you can on your product(s) including tasting notes, summary descriptions, bottle shots and branding.   You will need to submit a different form for each entered product but you will only be charged once. 


How do I submit my rums for tasting?

Please deliver 2 x 70cl or 3 x 50cl bottles of each entered rum to the O2 Academy Edinburgh (Corn Exchange) on Friday 16 August or Monday 19 August 2024 during the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm. An event manager will meet you and confirm receipt.