Scotland, renowned for its rich history in whisky production, is now making waves in the world of rum. The debut of the Scottish Rum Awards marks a significant milestone in recognising and celebrating the achievements of Scotland’s burgeoning rum industry.  

Organised by KD Media, the brains behind the acclaimed In-Drinks, The Scottish Beer, Gin and Whisky Awards, and the Scottish Distillers Conference, the Scottish Rum Awards promises to be a grand celebration of Scotland’s growing prowess in rum production and distillation. 

Distilleries and rum companies across Scotland are cordially invited to participate in this competition, which will be judged by our esteemed panel of industry experts. One of the highlights of the awards is a meticulous blind tasting by this experienced panel. This blind tasting aims to identify and celebrate rums that stand out for their exceptional quality, taste, and character.  

But the Scottish Rum Awards are not just about taste. In addition to the tasting categories, the awards will also recognise the efforts and achievements of a Scottish-based rum business that has been instrumental in driving the industry forward over the past years in the ultimate award of the competition – Scottish Rum Producer of the Year 

The awards aim to highlight the diversity and innovation within Scotland’s rum industry.  

The launch of the Scottish Rum Awards marks an exciting new chapter for Scotland’s rum industry. It’s a chance to celebrate the passion, innovation, and dedication of Scottish distillers who are making their mark on the global rum scene.  


 For me information on how to enter and to access the entry guide click here